socialGRIPTion Adventures

We have found a way to pay you to work for us!  No training necessary!  

Simply connect us with the people you know who need/want the following services.  Use the form with each link.  Once they sign up and complete the transaction, we will send you the next step to claim your reward!  For those wanting to turn this into a real extra source of income, please contact us for additional training!


Call Us @ (661) 244-8286 for help filling out referral forms!

Bakersfield Scavenger Hunt Business Sponsor (call for help with form!) - up to $100 per referral!

Fitness Adventures - up to $100 per referral!

socialGRIPTion Business Sponsor (call for help with form!)- up to $500 per trip!

DoTerra Essential Oils (call for ordering) - Commissions earned

Kangen Water (call for ordering) - Commissions earned

Satellite & TV Service (Broadband, DirecTV, DISH) - up to $50 per referral!

Internet Service - up to $50 per referral!

Phone Service - up to $50 per referral!

Solar - up to $500 per referral!