This next year, our adventures will feature something NEW and exciting...  a Life Cube! 

We will be traveling the West Coast introducing the LC12 instant shelter to campgrounds and conference centers as a viable means to grow without permit issues and huge costs.  Each structure is technically still a tent capable of sleeping up to 10 campers, depending on the configuration and has the potential for a 6 month return on your investment!

Now, the really fun part...  For those of us who like having some basic survival gear on hand for whatever comes our way, the LC12 is the perfect bug out shelter, customized to your specifications.  It is 100% self contained and can be deployed in 5 minutes.  Stored on its own trailer and always fully stocked with water, rations and basic survival gear, we are capable of hooking it up to the minivan and bugging out at a moments notice.  

We are currently developing the sales and ordering system which includes everything you could possibly need to turn one of these shelters into an instant revenue stream for your facility!  Click the link to begin your order.

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