socialGRIPTion Adventures

Trick or Treat

3 events, 2 nights,
2 locations

$30 Vendor + Candy

Vendors - Check back often.  We are always adding more!

Battle of the Charities​

New Details

Coming Soon!

​​​​Taco Tuesdays

Will return


Some things we want you to know...

Definitions of Vendor and Sponsor for our events:

     Vendors set up booths at events with the intent to sell/grow their business.

     Sponsors pay to support events in exchange for publicity, media advertising and booth space.

socialGRIPTion Adventures uses the fees from both sponsors and vendors to cover the costs of the events.  If additional money is left over after the event series, it is donated to one of the charities we support.  All of our events are focussed on our mission of bringing people back into real life relationships.  We are non-profit in heart, however we currently do not operate under a 501(c)3 license.  This is on purpose to be able to be free to focus on our mission without distraction.  We also work closely with many charities through our events and various fundraisers.  

In line with our mission of building relationships, we offer FREE marketing/business training to our vendors in our classroom on Aldrin Court.  Topics vary but are focussed on the needs at the time.  Again, this is FREE to our vendors.  

Available help includes:


     Social media marketing

​     Business structure

     Planning for growth

     Website design

     Radio/Social media commercial production


     And MORE!

And finally, because we are so focussed on building relationships, we offer a guarantee to our vendors that few are able to offer.  If you pay for a booth space at one of our events and the crowd does not show up, we will give you an event of equal value for free.  There are a few other restrictions that apply for certain events.  We will let you know when those occur.  Bottom line...  We want you to be successful!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please call us at (661) 244-8286!